Have you ever thought about psychedelics and how they could help you? They sure can. There’s a grassroots movement called Decriminalize Nature, which is based in Santa Cruz, Denver, and Oakland, and they’ve managed to decriminalize entheogenic to a certain degree. There are therapeutic benefits to this, and not just to trip on this.  There has been research which shows it can help with pain, mental health conditions, substance abuse, and some even found that it can help with long term brain conditions, better than pharmaceuticals as well. They do work quickly, and just taking two administrations of this, it actually shows a chance of being really effective. There is potential healing, and here, we’ll talk about this. 

Substance Abuse 

It seems almost ironic that psychedelics can help with treating substance abuse and dependency on dangerous drugs. There’s an article that found that LSD, ibogaine, peyote, along with ayahuasca, and how they help with the neurotransmitters, and it actually can help to curb dependency by haling to kick in the serotonin neurotransmitters. 


PTSD is a condition where you have traumatic flashbacks and even panic attacks, to the point where it becomes a problem. There’s a new approach to this that’s an alternative to psychotherapy. Right now, there is legislation that decriminalizes MDMA and psychedelics for this, since it can help you recall the memories that happen, without the negative effects that come with it. It only takes a few sessions too, so it’ll work nice and fast as well. 

Anxiety and Depression 

It can help with anxiety and depression. An article pointed out that psilocybin along with MDMA can help with improvement of the treatment-resistant anxiety and depression. There was some research that actually showed that this can help to alleviate depression and suffering in those with cancer. That’s because it works to reframe your experience and the relationship with the other people in the world, and it helps with shifting conception, expanding your love capacity, and a better connection too. Those who have medical conditions, and no hope can sometimes find value and worth just through using this cannabis strain for stress relief. 


It can help with obsessive thoughts and some fears, and commonly handles delusions, suicidal problems, and even panic and other problems. It was found that those who used psilocybin actually felt that their OCD symptoms are much better, and it can help with making sure that they’re focused. It also helps them tap into deeper thoughts, exploring them in a harmless manner. 

Chronic Pain 

Chronic pain studies aren’t usually impressive but the psychedelics that are there do help with easing the chronic pain, and they are abundant when used with micro dosing, to the point that the researchers found that in this study, there was self-reported micro dosing that demonstrated that it can really help with the effects and was better than conventional anxiety treatments too. 

DMT materials actually found that they had better pain-killing results on someone, and the case even suggested it could help produce long-term effects, so for those who suffer from inflammation or neuroprotection, or even a plasticity from this, it can help, along with targeting the neurotransmitters. Along with cannabis, there is potential here for natural healing. We can only hope that, as one starts to learn about this more and more, we can use it. There are good results that come along with this, and it can lead to good mental health results. You just have to be mindful as well of the problems at hand and learn to adequately use this for your body and your mind too.