Cannabis Laws that Apply to Most States 

Cannabis is a plant utilized to help with recreational and medicinal reasons. It’s still a Schedule I substance, and possession of this is still illegal. But at the state level it does vary in terms of differences, but there are some basic laws to know, which we’ll go over here in this post. 

In most States, you do Need a Medical Marijuana Card 

Most people in the US do need a medical marijuana card, and the doctor does offer recommendations for which marijuana would treat each one. The card does protect from prosecution in the state and allows you to visit dispensaries. Having this also allows you to grow cannabis and also get the correct strains for the conditions that you have. While doctors can’t give any advice that’s definitive on this, you can get a few questions answered. It does involve you to get an application and fee, and in a few states, it may also be reduced, based on if someone is a veteran or not. 

There is a Legal limit 

While it is legalized, there is a max amount carried, and it does vary. In some states, they may only allow forms which aren’t smoked, and in other states, the max of this may be different if you’re buying for recreational or medical reasons. If you’re from out of state, this does affect this too. Regardless, no matter the state, you never drive under the influence of marijuana, since it’s highly illegal, and failure to follow this does lead to imprisonment and fines. 

There is an Age limit 

There’s an age limit just like with buying alcohol, in that you can’t buy it under 21 for recreational cannabis, and under 18 for medical. You also do still get charged if you are found as a minor possessing this. You also need to be licensed for selling as well, and there is a growing limit. If you’re selling without the license, you are risking charges similar to those who sell illegally, so either imprisonment or fines. 

Cannabis Workplace Laws 

This is another aspect of cannabis, where some places may have a zero tolerance for this, and others may be okay with it for qualified conditions. Detection of this is through drug tests, since positive drug tests don’t mean they’re actually using it right then and there. There are also other tests that do get more fake positive results too, such as hair tests. For jobs though that are medical or law enforcement, they usually have a zero tolerance policy, and the same with those who work with heavy machines. The employee might be fired or fined if they’re high on the job. 

Decriminalized Doesn’t Mean It’s Legal 

Decriminalizing cannabis is a good start, but it doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook if found with this. In fact, if they find it, they may give you fines and citations.  It may not be on a criminal record, but if you’re carrying heavier amounts, you could possibly get imprisoned. There are some none-enforcement actions that have been passed that are similar to decriminalization. 

But selling or possessing large amounts of marijuana is actually still criminalized and it can lead to prison sentences. We’ve come a decent way in the realm of legalization, but there is still a long way to go, and it’s important that you know the lows not only in your area, but other states if you choose to move over towards there, so you’re following the rules and don’t get in trouble for how you use the marijuana too. 

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