For those who deal with migraines, it can stink. Those harmless sensory concerns such as lights that are bright, strong smells, and even sudden noise cause agonizing pain for people. Jet leg, tension, and even stress accompany this as well, and you can even lose sensation, feel sick, and other changes. The disruption that’s associated with this problem can really erode on your physical, and mental health. While there might be drugs for preventing and treating those migraines, they don’t offer it for everything. It also can cause other side effects too. 

But can cannabis be an effective treatment? A study done back in November of 2019 discovered that cannabis might help with the severity of migraines and headaches, reducing it by 50% or so, and while tolerance does increase with time, it can sometimes help with temporary relief more than anything else. Concentrates do help a little bit better, in that if you take a concentrated amount, people notice that the headache frequency was a lot less, and that their sleep was better too. People who were using opioids found that using cannabis for that did help with the use of it. It can help with easing the migraines, but why is that? 

Endocannabinoids in Migraines 

For a lot of people, cannabis can help you because o the endocannabinoids in the system. There’s overwhelming evidence that says that our endocannabinoid system does reduce the pain from migraines, since when naturally activated, it can help by reducing the inflammation located in the dura mater tissue that covers the brain, and also minimizes the pro-inflammatory compounds in this. Both of these contribute to the beginning of a migraine, and usually, chronic migraines come from anandamide levels being too low. This is a kind of cannabinoid, and it’s associated with the activation of your pain centers and also reducing the inflammation there too. 

When to Use It 

While science is still new to  the usage of this, you should definitely have an idea of how o use this, and you should be smart with it. You can use it to help prevent migraines through the reduction of stress and relaxing your muscles, and also to help reduce you the minute migraines hit in order to lower the nausea and pain as well. Cannabis is typically most effective when you feel migraines and they’re becoming apparent. By reducing and eliminating this, you can of course, help with the symptom as well. 

Cannabis works to help prevent, but also as a treatment measure for this, since the triggers along with the symptoms are varied as well. Migraines do have a series of different causes, some triggers, and different symptoms as well. Cannabis might be the best migraine medication because of the wide variety of compounds, and the different roles of this as well. It’s very powerful when it comes to reducing inflammation, and also can help with pain reduction and nausea reduction. If the headache is due to anxiety however, CBD is your better option. That’s because it’s anxiolytic since it can help with the treatment of this. 

If you have stress migraines, you might want to focus on more of a CBD type of usage. The most effective ways to help with this is to use oral means, but if you want rapid relief from this, inhalation can help. Migraines are complex though, and what might seem like the best way for one person, may not be the best. Some also prefer sublingual means. Try what works for you and see if it helps with migraines. 

Chronic pain is something that people do use cannabis for, with over 60% of people relying on this to help with managing it. While there is evidence that shows it can help with chronic pain, there is a concern that it might cause varied levels of substance dependency. The other problem is that while it can help with the chronic pain, if you don’t get this right, it does cause paranoia, nausea, anxiety, and other problems. 

Does it Lead to This 

At the end of it, the stud showed that those who did have pain and used it may experience adverse effects from this. Those providers who treated those with chronic pain may look for cannabis use disorder signs in order to figure out the health risks associated with this. CUD is a series of symptoms that affect your ability to act, the physical aspects of it, and even your psychosocial and cognitive aspects of this. In a study, the researchers discovered that nonmedical consumption did actually show that those who used it frequently did find that it could happen if you’re using cannabis for pain, rather than consumers who use cannabis for no n pain reasons.  

Do People Understand it 

Consumption of cannabis is a bit of a hot topic, but according to research, there was actually discrepancies found between the knowledge people have of cannabis and the evidence that there’s. most people understood cannabis from the experiences that they have while just 18% of this got it from providers. Those who got information from the providers learned more about the medical effectiveness of this, and for the most part, those who consumed it much more often dealt with the adverse results of this. The authors, however, did highlight the desire for educators to learn and raise their awareness of this, and it’s a growing subject, so the education will change as well because of this. 

Remember thought that with everything you put in your body, there is always the risk of adversity, so it’s important to understand that if you don’t know everything about cannabis, it’s good to get educated on it. Cannabis treatment for pain does take into thought the subjective qualities that go with the experience. Not everyone has the same pain threshold and tolerance for this, so it’s important to make sure that you do get educated on this before you start to consume. 

Stay Informed 

If you’re going to medicate with cannabis, it’s important to make sure that you’re informed on this. You should talk to people who are learning about this, such as healthcare providers, and also look for some state-approved programs too in order to help you learn more about this. But do use caution when you’re just looking on the internet for information, since it might not be verified. 

That in turn can cause issues down the line. That’s why, with state programs, you’ll be able to properly understand, and they can help you learn if medicating with cannabis is the right choice, and also give you medicine that’ll actually help you. It’s important that, if you’re going to use this, you know the risks. 

It can always create a dependency, and in a lot of cases, it can pose some risks. But if you’re using safe and effective measures to help with dosing, not only will you be able to get the care that you need, but you can also stave off the risk for substance dependency. It’s always a risk, but with the proper medical knowledge of this, you can offset those risks. 

Cannabis is a plant utilized to help with recreational and medicinal reasons. It’s still a Schedule I substance, and possession of this is still illegal. But at the state level it does vary in terms of differences, but there are some basic laws to know, which we’ll go over here in this post. 

In most States, you do Need a Medical Marijuana Card 

Most people in the US do need a medical marijuana card, and the doctor does offer recommendations for which marijuana would treat each one. The card does protect from prosecution in the state and allows you to visit dispensaries. Having this also allows you to grow cannabis and also get the correct strains for the conditions that you have. While doctors can’t give any advice that’s definitive on this, you can get a few questions answered. It does involve you to get an application and fee, and in a few states, it may also be reduced, based on if someone is a veteran or not. 

There is a Legal limit 

While it is legalized, there is a max amount carried, and it does vary. In some states, they may only allow forms which aren’t smoked, and in other states, the max of this may be different if you’re buying for recreational or medical reasons. If you’re from out of state, this does affect this too. Regardless, no matter the state, you never drive under the influence of marijuana, since it’s highly illegal, and failure to follow this does lead to imprisonment and fines. 

There is an Age limit 

There’s an age limit just like with buying alcohol, in that you can’t buy it under 21 for recreational cannabis, and under 18 for medical. You also do still get charged if you are found as a minor possessing this. You also need to be licensed for selling as well, and there is a growing limit. If you’re selling without the license, you are risking charges similar to those who sell illegally, so either imprisonment or fines. 

Cannabis Workplace Laws 

This is another aspect of cannabis, where some places may have a zero tolerance for this, and others may be okay with it for qualified conditions. Detection of this is through drug tests, since positive drug tests don’t mean they’re actually using it right then and there. There are also other tests that do get more fake positive results too, such as hair tests. For jobs though that are medical or law enforcement, they usually have a zero tolerance policy, and the same with those who work with heavy machines. The employee might be fired or fined if they’re high on the job. 

Decriminalized Doesn’t Mean It’s Legal 

Decriminalizing cannabis is a good start, but it doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook if found with this. In fact, if they find it, they may give you fines and citations.  It may not be on a criminal record, but if you’re carrying heavier amounts, you could possibly get imprisoned. There are some none-enforcement actions that have been passed that are similar to decriminalization. 

But selling or possessing large amounts of marijuana is actually still criminalized and it can lead to prison sentences. We’ve come a decent way in the realm of legalization, but there is still a long way to go, and it’s important that you know the lows not only in your area, but other states if you choose to move over towards there, so you’re following the rules and don’t get in trouble for how you use the marijuana too. 

With a lot of marijuana edibles available right now, this may seem like something new, but they actually have been around for thousands of years, dating back to the bhang in India. They’ve stuck around for a bit, so what’s so good about this. This post discusses the cannabis edibles and what sets them apart, and why you might want to add these to the arsenal. 

They’re healthier 

While you might think smoking is better, it’s actually not the healthiest option since it can affect the respiratory health for those who struggle with asthma and other health conditions. Edibles are smoke-free and are a good alternative for those that are looking to avoid this, while also enjoying the benefits of medical cannabis. 

Easier To Use 

They’re much easier to use compared to smoking, vaping, and even dabbing which can be intimidating for beginners. Edibles are literally just putting them in your mouth and wait, and maybe halving them if the dosage amount is too big. 

More Potent 

They are indeed more potent, and they also last a whole lot longer that’s because they go through the digestive tract, get broken down and are finally metabolized in your liver before leaving. Why does this matter? When the THC gets processed in the liver, it becomes something stronger, and it can last up to 8 hours. It also crosses the blood-brain barrier better, offering stronger more sedating highs than other types of methods. But do remember that you should go low with this, before you take too much, since it does take a little bit for you to fully metabolize the edibles. 

Consistent and Exact Dosing 

There are plenty of stories of mysterious doses, but with these edibles, you’re getting exact dosages in a lot of flavors, different cannabinoid profiles, and also recipes too. It’s simple to get edibles from the dispensary, and the beauty of this is that it’s the same thing each time. If you really want to make your own edibles you can get butter or oils, and there are edible recipes to make different types of recipes, if of course you want to go into this type of cooking as well. 

It’s Got Its own health Benefits

Edibles do offer a lot of great relief and uses, and since you get this in your body for a lot longer, it can offer more marked relief. Firs, there is pain relief, which is good for chronic, neurological, and total pain conditions. It also has neuroprotective properties, so if you have seizures, spasms, and even neurodegenerative conditions, this is good to use. It also is really good for cancer-related problems, and also has anti-tumor aspects to tis, so if you have cancer, taking this while also going in for chemo and whatnot is something to definitely consider, since it can help with the reduction of symptoms. 

It also can help with diabetes symptoms, and also help with the weight levels and digestive response, since it could make you more or less hungry. Finally, it’s great for those who suffer from inflammation, so if you have fibro or arthritis, or even other inflammatory conditions, this is a great way to take care of it, since there are a lot of great ways to help you get this. Edibles are a great option if you want a convenient type of dosing method with a lot of benefits. The best way to figure out which to use though is to talk to a someone and get the right types of edibles that you can use to help you as well. 

Have you ever thought about psychedelics and how they could help you? They sure can. There’s a grassroots movement called Decriminalize Nature, which is based in Santa Cruz, Denver, and Oakland, and they’ve managed to decriminalize entheogenic to a certain degree. There are therapeutic benefits to this, and not just to trip on this.  There has been research which shows it can help with pain, mental health conditions, substance abuse, and some even found that it can help with long term brain conditions, better than pharmaceuticals as well. They do work quickly, and just taking two administrations of this, it actually shows a chance of being really effective. There is potential healing, and here, we’ll talk about this. 

Substance Abuse 

It seems almost ironic that psychedelics can help with treating substance abuse and dependency on dangerous drugs. There’s an article that found that LSD, ibogaine, peyote, along with ayahuasca, and how they help with the neurotransmitters, and it actually can help to curb dependency by haling to kick in the serotonin neurotransmitters. 


PTSD is a condition where you have traumatic flashbacks and even panic attacks, to the point where it becomes a problem. There’s a new approach to this that’s an alternative to psychotherapy. Right now, there is legislation that decriminalizes MDMA and psychedelics for this, since it can help you recall the memories that happen, without the negative effects that come with it. It only takes a few sessions too, so it’ll work nice and fast as well. 

Anxiety and Depression 

It can help with anxiety and depression. An article pointed out that psilocybin along with MDMA can help with improvement of the treatment-resistant anxiety and depression. There was some research that actually showed that this can help to alleviate depression and suffering in those with cancer. That’s because it works to reframe your experience and the relationship with the other people in the world, and it helps with shifting conception, expanding your love capacity, and a better connection too. Those who have medical conditions, and no hope can sometimes find value and worth just through using this cannabis strain for stress relief. 


It can help with obsessive thoughts and some fears, and commonly handles delusions, suicidal problems, and even panic and other problems. It was found that those who used psilocybin actually felt that their OCD symptoms are much better, and it can help with making sure that they’re focused. It also helps them tap into deeper thoughts, exploring them in a harmless manner. 

Chronic Pain 

Chronic pain studies aren’t usually impressive but the psychedelics that are there do help with easing the chronic pain, and they are abundant when used with micro dosing, to the point that the researchers found that in this study, there was self-reported micro dosing that demonstrated that it can really help with the effects and was better than conventional anxiety treatments too. 

DMT materials actually found that they had better pain-killing results on someone, and the case even suggested it could help produce long-term effects, so for those who suffer from inflammation or neuroprotection, or even a plasticity from this, it can help, along with targeting the neurotransmitters. Along with cannabis, there is potential here for natural healing. We can only hope that, as one starts to learn about this more and more, we can use it. There are good results that come along with this, and it can lead to good mental health results. You just have to be mindful as well of the problems at hand and learn to adequately use this for your body and your mind too.